It’s week 9 of #DearData2019, the data postcard project I’m working on with Ann Jackson this year. I’m still catching up on my blog posts (sorry Ann) so this is another quick recap post. This week we tracked our to-do lists!

I don’t usually write to-do lists, especially not for personal tasks. If I’m having a particularly busy time at work I might write a list of tasks I need to complete but usually I make a mental note or use my calendar to manage my time. This week I made an exception and kept a to-do list on my phone. I included personal tasks too; this included errands I needed to make or bills I needed to pay. Nothing particularly exciting but important nonetheless.

My Postcard

Sarah Week 9 FrontSarah Week 9 Back

I went with a bunting / flag design this week. I thought it would make a nice design and would be easy to draw. I tracked my data for five days so each string represents a day of the week working down from Monday at the top. I used colour to differentiate between personal tasks and work tasks. I also wanted to show tasks that I had added to my daily to-do lists but hadn’t got around to completing. These are represented by the empty flags. If these tasks remained open for a future day I showed them in silver.

Ann’s Postcard

Ann Week 9 FrontAnn Week 9 Back

I really like Ann’s approach this week. Unlike me she focused on work tasks only and split these into projects. This makes sense given Ann’s job. She also tracked how long each task took (unlike me) which adds a further level of detail. Her design makes it easy to see which projects she worked on the most, even at a glance.

Don’t forget to read Ann’s summary of the week here.

Sarah Week 9 Posting

Thanks for reading.