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About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah.

I have been working in data / analytical roles for over 12 years, of which the last seven years have been spent working primarily with Tableau. After being introduced to Tableau, I fell in love with data visualisation and began publishing visualisations on Tableau Public. In my current role, I work in a Tableau Centre of Excellence where I enable users in my organisation to create and interact with engaging and informative visualisations to make data-informed decisions. I’m passionate about topics including data literacy, data storytelling, data community building and user experience and enjoy working in a position where I can educate others on these topics too.

I am 3 x Tableau Visionary (formally known as Tableau “Zen Master”), a 4 x Tableau Public Ambassador, a Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member, a Tableau Community Equity Taskforce member and I also co-lead the London Tableau User Group. I’ve been recognised with 7 ‘Viz of the Day’s by Tableau Public and can frequently be found presenting at Tableau User Groups and events across the globe. In addition to data visualisation, I enjoy creating digital art and can often be found posting my work on Instagram.

Founded in late 2016, is a blog where I write about my data visualisation journey and share tutorials and advice for other Tableau users. I also share my experiences from the Tableau Community and from working in data.

In 2019, I launched #IronQuest; a monthly data visualisation project based upon the format of the Tableau Iron Viz competition. You can follow Iron Quest on my blog also.

I hope that you enjoy the articles on this site, especially if you’re new to data visualisation and want to learn more about Tableau.

Get in touch with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or via the Contact page.


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