At the beginning of the year I launched #IronQuest, a community-led data visualization project which follows a similar format to the Tableau Iron Viz feeder competitions.

You can read more about #IronQuest here.

Environmental Issues

For #IronQuest month three (March 2019) the chosen theme was environmental issues. As we are all too aware, our environment is changing constantly. With an increase in natural disasters, adverse weather conditions and increasing temperatures, environmental issues are a real worry. I was hopeful that this theme would help to shine light on some important environmental topics from around the world and sure enough it didn’t disappoint. Funny enough, a few weeks after I announced the #IronQuest theme, the Iron Viz European feeder theme of ‘Energy and Sustainability’ was announced. This also coincided with a #MakeoverMonday on plastic waste on UK beaches so all in all, March was a month heavily focused on the environment!

A total of 18 people entered the challenge this month, down from a record 35 entries in February. I was expecting fewer entries this month. With this challenge running alongside the Iron Viz Europe feeder and a bumper month in February, the number of entries was always going to be lower. We still saw a diverse pool of entries from enthusiasts across the world, 56% of which were female and 50% of which had never entered an Iron Viz competition before. It’s great to see new people continuously getting involved with #IronQuest and I hope this trend continues and carries through to Iron Viz too. As usual, the participants were creative with the theme. Each entry covered a different topic including animals at risk, deforestation, air pollution, water quality and global warming.  Topics aside we also saw a wide variety of chart types and techniques applied in the submissions; including but not limited to maps, area charts, radial bar charts and scatter plots. There was also a strong call-to-action on many of the vizzes which was great to see.

This month I teamed up with Kevin Flerlage to provide feedback to those who requested it. We spent approximately two hours reviewing the vizzes in depth and had great fun discussing our thoughts on the submissions. You can listen to our feedback conversation here.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Kevin for being a fantastic co-host.

The entries are posted below in alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted you viz or thought you submitted one via the Google form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Please click on the images to view the visualizations on Tableau Public (or similar).

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Anna D.

Silent Killer


Anna - Air Pollution.png
Anna S – Silent Killer


Charles S.

Trawling a Major Issue


Charles - Trawling Activity 2016
Charles S – Trawling a Major Issue

Christopher K.

Forest Area


Christopher - Forest Area
Christopher K – Forest Area


Frederic F.

Koalas in Trouble in Queensland


Frederic - Koalas in Queensland #ironquest
Frederic F – Koalas in Trouble in Queensland

Jayshree D.

Global Deforestation


Jayshree D – Deforestation

Katelyn S.

The Whaling Industry – Past and Present


Katelyn - Whaling Industry_ Past and Present
Katelyn S – The Whaling Industry Past & Present

Lindsay B. & Kevin F.

A Cheetah’s Race for Survival

Lindsay | Twitter

Kev | Twitter

Lindsay & Kev - Cheetah
Lindsay & Kevin – A Cheetah’s Race for Survival


Maha K.

Global Warming – Is It a Hoax? Or Real?


Maha - Global Warming - India
Maha K – Global Warming

Meera L.

Plastic Pollution


Meera - Plastic Pollution
Meera L. – Plastic Pollution



Drinkable Rivers


Merel - Drinkable Rivers
Merel – Drinkable Rivers


Michelle F.

Poisoning Our Children


Michelle - FlintWaterCrisis
Michelle F. – Poisoning our Children


Regis O.

Are Vampires Sucking the Energy Out of Your Home?


Regis - Energy Vampires
Regis O. – Vampires



Human Development Index of Morocco

Samina - human capital index view
Samina – Human Development Index


Saujanya R

Biodiversity Loss


Saujanyae - Biodiversity-#Ironquest
Saujanya R. – Biodiversity Loss


No Extra Earth


Sirvente - No Extra Earth
Sirvente – No Extra Earth

Swagat J

Environmental Issues : Air Pollution Factors & Tree Coverage (Indian Territories)


Swagat - Environmental Issues
Swagat J – Environmental Issues


Swati D.

Food Waste


Swati - Food Waste
Swati D. – Food Waste


Young S.

From Ground Deep and Deep Ocean: A closer look at biological production of methane


Young - Methanogenesis
Young S. – From Ground Deep and Deep Ocean


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The next monthly theme hasn’t been decided yet and due to the global Iron Viz feeder I won’t be running #IronQuest in April. The next challenge will begin on 13th May and will run until midnight PST on 9th June 2019. More details to be announced soon!

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