It’s week 8 of #DearData2019, the data postcard project I’m working on with Ann Jackson this year. I’m still catching up on my blog posts (sorry Ann) so this is a quick recap post. This week we tracked our phone usage!

I think everyone knows that I’m a self-confessed phone addict! While I don’t use my phone for many calls or texts, I do use it for tweeting, reading blog posts, reading / writing emails, taking photos, listening to music / podcasts and watching Netflix / YouTube (whilst travelling). Given the amount I use my phone, tracking the data myself was never going to be an option. With that in mind I decided to use the iPhone in-built usage tracker for my data collection this week (which basically meant I had a week off from tracking data – yay!).

My Postcard

Sarah’s Postcard – Week 8 – Front
Sarah Week 8 Back.jpeg
Sarah’s Postcard – Week 8 – Back

I decided to draw my design in portrait mode (for a change) this week. I used the App categories as defined by Apple to break down my usage into 4 main categories; Social Networking Apps (predominately Twitter and WhatsApp as I don’t use many other platforms), Productivity Apps (email, calendar, Google Sheets, etc), Entertainment Apps (predominately Netflix and YouTube this week) and Other Apps (everything else). I represented the categories by drawing stars; one for each day with the size of the star representing the amount of use. To add more context I also added dots to represent phone pick-up’s in the middle of the stars (these were distributed across the stars for the day so do not represent the number of times I picked up my phone to use apps in that category).

During this week I travelled to Amsterdam on Monday and had an early start and a late finish. This meant I used my phone for much longer than usual and also used apps I rarely use more too. You can see my usage declines after Monday but picks up again at the weekend. I am pleased with how my design turned out this week. I wanted to go for a more abstract, arty design and I think I achieved that here.

Ann’s Postcard

Ann Week 8 Front
Ann’s Postcard – Week 8 – Front
Ann Week 8 Back
Ann’s Postcard – Week 8 – Back

I really like Ann’s approach this week. I must say her tracking was far more detailed than mine. I found it interesting to see how her usage is higher earlier in the day (as opposed to mine which is higher in the evenings) and also how she does so much texting! I also liked how she showed the totals of the top use types on the back too.

Its a pity the US Postal Service decided to slap a huge sticker over Ann’s viz this week though!!! This is how it looked when it arrived with me:

Ann Week 8 Sticker.jpg

Don’t forget to read Ann’s summary of the week here.

This week I even had a little helper post the card for me this week (on an unseasonably sunny day)!

Thanks for reading.