It’s week 7 of #DearData2019, the data postcard project I’m working on with Ann Jackson this year. I’m incredibly behind on my blog posts (sorry Ann) so this is a quick recap post. This week we tracked complaints; both those things we openly complained about, complaints we thought to ourselves & complaints others vocalised to us.

Tracking complaints made me realise how many mundane or insignificant things we complain about. This week involved some overseas travel for work & while I expected many of my complaints to centre around transport delays or complexities, I actually had a pretty smooth trip. The most annoying thing I recall was a man shouting down his phone while we were waiting for the plane to depart!

My Postcard

Week 7 – Sarah’s Postcard (Front)
Week 7 – Sarah’s Postcard (Back)

This week I decided to track the data manually on my phone. I doubt my data is accurate & I probably made & received many more complaints than this that went untracked. However, my postcard shows that other people were a common pain point this week. Often this was people on public transport, bad drivers or the rude man on the plane who I mentioned before. My husband also moaned about his work a few times this week so that’s why the work-related complaints were high.

For my design I decided to combine dots with spirals. The spirals alone would have made it difficult to count the individual complaints so I decided to add the dots as well for context. The complete the design I added the bars to show the total number of complaints. I categorised the complaints into two groups; personal complaints (those related to me, my life or people in my life) and external (those related to external factors out of my control). Unsurprisingly I complained (or received more complaints) about external factors.

Ann’s Postcard

Week 7 –  Ann’s Postcard (Front)
Week 7 –  Ann’s Postcard (Back)

I really felt Ann’s frustration in her postcard design this week. I mean, all of those sad faces!! 🙁 Like me, Ann was frustrated with other people (which was refreshing). However, I was surprised to see all of her complaints about being cold. I thought Phoenix was warm all year round?

Don’t forget to read Ann’s summary of the week here.

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