Last month I launched #IronQuest, a new community-led data visualization project which follows a similar format to the Tableau Iron Viz feeder competitions. Participants have a calendar month to source a suitable data set and then design, build and submit a data visualization. Every submission should use a data set that somehow touches upon the chosen theme for that month and every viz should aim to showcase best practices & skill in design, storytelling & analysis. The objective of #IronQuest is to provide individuals with an opportunity to practice both their data sourcing, data preparation and data visualization skills without the pressure that comes with participating in a competition like Iron Viz.

Crime Data

For month one (January 2019) the chosen theme was crime data. I was a little apprehensive to see how the challenge would be received by the community but I needn’t have worried. With a total of 27 submissions, I was blown away by the response to the challenge! It has been great to see so many visualizations published as a direct result of this project and also to see them be so well received by the community.

The participants truly applied the crime theme in ways I could never have predicted.  We saw everything from vizzes on crime-fighting comic book heroes to cyber crime, drunk driving, mass shootings, song lyrics, genocide and even slavery. Topics aside we also saw a wide variety of chart types and techniques applied in the submissions; including but not limited to horizon charts, games, drunken goggles, custom animation, story points, infographics and gauge lines.

Reigning Iron Viz Champion Timothy Vermerian joined me as my guest co-host this month and together we had the pleasure of reviewing 17 entries, providing detailed feedback to those had requested it. It has been great to see some iterations as a direct result of this feedback too.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Timothy for being a fantastic co-host.

The entries are posted below in alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted you viz or thought you submitted one via the Google form but but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Please click on the images to view the visualizations on Tableau Public (or similar). Show your support for the participants by favouriting the vizzes you like the most.

Alex J.

A Sad Truth – The Rise of Mass Shootings in the US

Twitter: @jusdespommes


A Sad Truth by Alex J. 

Anna D.

Cybercrime in Healthcare – Healthcare attracts attention from cyber criminals

Twitter: @AnnDzikowskaViz

Cybercrime in Healthcare
Cybercrime in Healthcare by Anna D.

Bhavesh K.

Crime Report

Twitter: @Bhavesh_Kapadia

Crime Report.PNG
Crime Report by Bhavesh K.

Charles S.

180 Days of San Diego Crime

100 Days of San Diago Crime.png
100 Days of San Diego Crime by Charles S.

David H.

Crime in England and Wales

Twitter: @data_ink

Crime in England and Wales.png
Crime in England and Wales by David H.

David O.

The Vice Index

Twitter: @doc_insight

Blog Post: 

The Vice Index
The Vice Index by David O.

Emily K.

The Data Wire

Twitter: @emilykund

The Data Wire
The Data Wire by Emily K.

Frederic F.

Australian Indigenous Deaths in Custody

Twitter: @fredffery 

Indigenous deaths in custody.png
Australian Indigenous Deaths in Custody by Frederic F.

Ginny M.

Jack The Ripper

Twitter: @GinnyMoench

Blog Post:

Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper Game by Ginny M.

Joshua S.

A fan-made, data-driven tribute to Daredevil; the man without fear!

Twitter: @data_poetry

A fan-made, data-driven tribute to Daredevil by Joshua S.

Katelyn S.

Crime on Montana Campuses

Twitter: @schaubkatelyn

Campus Crime in Montana.png
Crime on Montana Campuses by Katelyn S.

Kevin F.

Drunk Driving

Twitter: @FlerlageKev

Blog Post:

Drunk Driving.png
Drunk Driving by Kevin F.

Kimly S.

The Legacy of Genocide

Twitter: @ScottKimly

The Legacy of Genocide.png
The Legacy of Genocide by Kimly S.

Luke S.

Stop and Search: A Hidden Problem in Minneapolis

Twitter: @LukeStanke

Stop And Search
Stop and Search: A Hidden Problem in Minneapolis by Luke S.

Meera L.

Identity Theft in the US

Twitter: @LosaniMeera

Identity Theft.png
Identity Theft in the US in 2017 by Meera L.

Mike C.

Feelin’ Like a Criminal

Twitter: @mikevizneros

Feelin' Like a Criminal.png
Feelin’ Like a Criminal by Mike C.

Regis O.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Voyages: Names of Ship Owners, Captains & Liberated Slaves

Twitter: @RegisOconnor

Slave Trade.png
Trans-Atlantic Slave Voyages by Regis O.

Rob R.

Understanding London Crime

Twitter: @RobRadburn

London Crime.png
Understanding London Crime by Rob R.


Sarah B.

Murder in New Zealand

Twitter: @sezbee

Murders in NZ.png
Murder in New Zealand by Sarah B.

Sarah D.

LAPD Crime Incidents by Division 2010-2017

Twitter: @SarahPDorfman

Blog Post:

LAPD Crime Incidents by Division 2010-2017 by Sarah D.

Shine P.

Crime Waves in the States

Twitter: @vizshine

US Crime Waves.png
Crime Waves in the US by Shine P.

Spencer B.

Shootings in Cincinnati

Twitter: @JSBaucke

Shootings in Cincinnati.png
Shootings in Cincinnati by Spencer B.

Tanveer J.

Drug Related Offences in New South Wales between 1995-2012

Twitter: @thjeddy

Drugs in NSW.png
Drug Related Offences in New South Wales between 1995-2012 by Tanveer J.

Tim L.

Recidivism Rates

Twitter: @TimFromVelocity 

Reciivism Rate.png
Recidivism Rates by Tim L.

Vivian G.

Global Terrorism Trends, 2012-2015

Twitter: @Vivfiona 

Story Global Terrorism.png
Global Terrorism Trends, 2012-2015 by Vivian G.

Will S.

An American History of Executions

Twitter: @dataNOTdoctrine

An American History of Executions.png
An American History of Executions by Will S.

Young S.

Koroleva Dvara (Queen of the Court)

Twitter: @ycsong21

Koroleva Dvara (Queen of the Court) by Young S.

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The next monthly theme is Business-Style Dashboards and will run until midnight PST on 3rd March 2019. Follow the hashtag #IronQuest on Twitter and check out the Iron Quest section on my blog for more info, including more details on the next challenge.

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