Thank you to everyone that participated in or supported #IronQuest last month. Enjoy all of the submissions in the recap post here.

Thank you also to everyone who submitted theme suggestions or voted in the theme poll this month. For February we’ll be building business-style dashboards, as voted for in a recent Twitter poll:

Iron Quest February Poll.PNG
Iron Quest – Month 2 Poll – Results

For clarity:

  • Business-style dashboards can use any suitable data set (as long as you have permission to share it publicly).
  • Think outside the box! For example, you could build a quantified-self viz where YOU are the business in question. You could also build a performance-related viz looking at how a particular Government body, organisation, transport operator or other service provider has been doing. Most of this data is publicly available.
  • You could use the Tableau Superstore Sales data set or any other data set which could be used to build a corporate-style dashboard. Think about data sets that include performance or results data. If you can’t find a data set, make one yourself to fit your needs.
  • Business dashboards do not need to be boring! Try and have some fun with the theme.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaming up with Tableau Zen Master, #WorkoutWednesday co-host and business dashboard expert Ann Jackson this month!

The deadline for submissions is Midnight PST on Sunday 3rd March. Feedback will be provided to those who request it in early March.

How can I enter?

The process is simple:

  1. Source your data and build a viz that somehow touches upon the chosen theme for the month.
  2. Upload your viz to Tableau Public or somewhere where it can be openly viewed online.
  3. Post your viz on to the relevant discussion thread. View the threads here. 
  4. Fill in the submissions tracker here so we can keep track of who is participating.
  5. If desired, the guest judge (Ann Jackson) and myself will provide you with some constructive feedback on your viz after the submission period closes.

Continue the conversation by joining the Iron Quest Slack channel here.

Thanks for reading.