It’s week 4 of #DearData2019, the data postcard project I’m working on with Ann Jackson this year. This week we tracked mirrors, specifically the number of times we looked at our reflections in mirrors each day.

I have become conscious that in previous weeks my data was lacking additional context. For instance, when we were tracking Thank You’s I felt like I cut some corners by not recording the method (i.e. verbal F2F, verbal over the phone, written electronically, etc) in which I delivered Thank You’s. By not recording this additional level of detail I was automatically limiting how creative I could be with my viz. So, this week I decided to record that additional level of detail to enable me to do something a bit more creative with my drawing.

My Postcard

Dear Data 2019 Sarah’s week 5 – Mirrors (Front)

Dear Data 2019 Sarah’s week 5 – Mirrors (Back)

I used IFTTT buttons again this week to track my data. I initially made buttons for all of the mirrors around my house that I use regularly. I then realised I have make-up compacts with mirrors, there’s a mirror in my hallway that I completely forgot about & then there’s all the mirrors I use when I’m out. Also, I frequently catch my reflection in windows on the train/tube. I subsequently added these categories in IFTTT too.

My design inspiration this week was from “Observe, Collect, Draw” where they used a similar design for weather mood’s. I made some amendments and varied my design to show if the mirrors I looked in were at home or outside of the home. I also showed if my look in the mirror was specifically to help with make-up application (which I do multiple times a day if I’m not working from home). Finally I also recorded my accidental looks in the mirror or windows as I found this happened quite regularly!

Ann’s Postcard

Ann's Postcard Week 4 Mirrors
Dear Data 2019 Ann’s week 5 – Mirrors (Front)
Ann's Postcard Week 4 Mirrors (Back)
Dear Data 2019 Ann’s week 5 – Mirrors (Back)

I really like how Ann and I took a completely different approach this week.

I thought it was interesting how Ann drew the mirrors according to their shape in real life. Also, Ann uses her phone as a mirror which I don’t tend to do. It seems that Ann and I have similar ‘mirror habits’ since we both tend to look in the bathroom mirror frequently; in my case first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Ann also has a mirror in a kitchen (which I do not) which I imagine is difficult to avoid looking in!

And that’s it for week 4 with mirrors. Don’t forget to check out Ann’s blog post here to get her take on the week.

Thanks for reading.