With Tableau Conference just a few weeks away, now is the time to start planning your conference and decide which sessions you will be attending!

As I mentioned in my recent ‘Know Before You Go‘ post, once the Schedule Builder (MyTC22) goes live, you’ll be able to add your chosen sessions to your calendar and in doing so, reserve a seat in those sessions (assuming you show up on time). Remember, only a few of the in-person sessions will be recorded so it’s important you prioritise those sessions that you simply can’t afford to miss!

Consider attending sessions in person where you think you would benefit from being present in the room and asking the speaker questions at the end. While some community members may repeat their sessions at subsequent user group meetings, you’re less likely to find customer sessions again.

I’ve collected a list of sessions that I would recommend adding to your schedule if you’re attending the conference in person. This is not an extensive list! These are predominately community sessions with a few customer and Tableau-led sessions thrown in too that I would personally recommend. You can view the full in-person session catalogue here.

I’ve split these sessions into three self-assigned categories:

  • Be Inspired – The Tableau community is full of inspiring stories and vizzes. You’ll leave these sessions feeling inspired and motivated to take your Tableau work and career to the next level.

  • Learn – These sessions represent opportunities to learn tips and techniques from some of the most talented Tableau users from across the community

  • Data Leadership and Enablement – These sessions are for my fellow Centre of Excellence (COE), data leadership and user enablement fanatics! Hear from customer speakers, community leaders and Tableau experts on how you can retain talent and help create thriving data teams in your organisation.

I hope these recommendations help you to navigate the session catalogue and find the sessions most relevant to your learning objectives!

Session Recommendations

Be Inspired

Bring the Wow Factor with Tableau Public Portfolios

Gather insights on how to effectively leverage Tableau Public templates and build a Tableau Public Portfolio with a “wow” factor.


Ghafar Shah – Comcast – Lead Analyst, Total Rewards Data Services

Chantilly Jaggernauth – Lovelytics – VP, Data Visualization and Training

Celebrating Iron Viz 2022

The Iron Viz competition showcases some of the best visualizations across the community. Take a closer look at the top ten visualizations from this year’s Qualifiers Contest and the authors behind them.


Simon Beaumont – JLL – Global BI Director

Sarah Bartlett – Sarah Loves Data – Tableau Enablement Consultant

Christian Felix – Tableau – Lead Solution Engineer

Tableau and Its Impact on Our Careers

From changing careers to connecting with a global data community – join us as we share our story and learn how you can leverage Tableau in your career.


Jennifer Dawes – JLL – BI and Analytics Specialist

Dinushki De Livera – Unifund CCR – BI Analyst

The Live Mystery Show: 3Charts@3 Live

Catch a live show where three community members nerd out and entertain you by breaking down various mystery charts.


Yamil Medina – Data Meaning – Principal Consultant

Michael Perillo – Phoenix Tableau User Group – User Group Leader

Aaron Simmons – Data Meaning – Sr. Associate

Chart Chat Live

In Chart Chat Live, the three authors are joined by Data Visualization Society Executive Director Amanda Makulec, and the four of them weigh in on what’s happening in the data visualization world. Tune in to learn how you can apply their thought processes to your own work to build better visualizations.


Steve Wexler – Data Revelations LLC – Principal

Jeffrey Shaffer – Unifund – Chief Operating Officer

Andy Cotgreave – Tableau – Tableau Evangelist

Disney Streaming: How to Deliver Pixel Perfect Executive Reporting

Executives at Disney Streaming and The Walt Disney Company have an eye for detail and rigor for pixel perfection. So, what does it take to keep these industry powerhouses happy? Learn best practices for static images for subscription-based dashboards, like color, design, focus, and audience. Discover other solutions for near-real-time reporting using Slack with our in-house VisionBots.


Cody Crouch – Disney Streaming – Senior Data Analyst

Troy Johnson – Disney Streaming Services – Manager, Data Analytics


Busting the DataViz Myths

There are many rules and guidelines around dataviz. Come explore the myths surrounding dataviz and look for the truth behind them. Using audience participation we will explore, dissect, and either bust or confirm myths such as: “pie charts are evil,” “red and green should never be used,” and “you should never truncate the y-axis.” You might be surprised at the answers.


Emily Kund – Red Hat – Tableau Enablement Consultant

Matt Francis – Wellcome Sanger Institute – Senior Software Developer

How to Do Cool Stuff in Tableau

Sit back and watch the Flerlage Twins do a bunch of cool stuff in Tableau, including techniques, new features, and mind-blowing tips that will help you take your business and personal dashboards to the next level and make you more efficient in doing so. This session is applicable to users of any experience level.


Ken Flerlage – Bucknell University – Associate Director, Data Analytics

Kevin Flerlage – Unifund / Recovery Decision Science – Manager, Business Intelligence

Tableau Speed Tips (Advanced)

Get Tableau tips, delivered with unmatched speed and energy! These must-know shortcuts, tricks and best practices will help intermediate to advanced Tableau users take their skills to the next level.


Ann Jackson – Jackson Two – Head Coach, The Data School New York

Lorna Brown – The Information Lab – Data School Coach

Tableau Speed Tips (Beginner)

Get Tableau tips, delivered with unmatched speed and energy! These must-know shortcuts, tricks and best practices are designed for newcomers to Tableau.


Annabelle Rincon – Vontobel – Tableau Center of Enablement Lead

Heidi Kalbe – Woodmark Consulting AG – Senior Consultant

Viral Vizzing

What does it take to build a viral viz? Hear from the Tableau Public authors behind some of your favorite Viz of the Day dashboards on their design approach and process. The next viral viz just might be yours!


Irene Diomi – Information Lab – Data Analyst Consultant

Shazeera Zawawi – Association for Prevention of Torture (APT) – Senior Adviser, Research and Innovation

Prototyping: Building Better Dashboard Designs

Discover the importance of wire-framing and prototyping prior to building dashboards, and how it can improve your overall dashboard design and development efforts.


Autumn Battani – phData – Principal Consultant

Lindsay Betzendahl – HealthDataViz – Senior Consultant

Beautiful Business Dashboards: The How and the Why

Explore design choices and interactive functionality, simple and advanced, that you can apply to your business dashboards to maximize stakeholder engagement and gain insights from your data. Learn new and innovative Tableau techniques and gain the confidence to apply these concepts across multiple dashboards.


Samuel Parsons – Biztory – Tableau Visionary and Senior Analytics Consultant

Simon Beaumont – JLL – Global BI Director

Data Leadership & User Enablement

How to Keep and Retain Talent

Learn strategies from a data leader on how to best invest and engage in your current teams to avoid the continual global talent shortage. 


Paul Chapman – Vice President

Insight Global: Accelerate Your Data Culture with a Center of Excellence

Data Cultures require buy-in. Learn how to create and lead a Center of Excellence that brings decision-makers together, shares a centralized vision, drives efficiencies, and unifies your organization.


Kaitlin Pisani – Insight Global – Product Owner – Enterprise Data and Analytics

Hands-on: Mind the (Enablement) Gap – Drive Proficiency and Create a Thriving Community

Calling all enablement leaders! Join this hands-on training session to gain data-driven insights about your organization’s enablement gaps to strengthen data literacy and build a community that inspires data-driven wins. You will also learn from subject matter experts – and your peers! – what actions you can take to build or mature in the areas of Proficiency and Community. This interactive – and fun! – session will use the Tableau Blueprint Assessment to frame the conversation. Curious to see how you measure up against others and industry benchmarks? Join us!


Sarah Nell – Tableau – Sr. Manager, Customer Success

Jamie Kovarna – Tableau – Manager, Federal Success

Teaching Tableau

Join us to hear tips and techniques for teaching Tableau and learn how to effectively share your Tableau knowledge with others.


Jim Dehner – Market Analytics LLC – Owner

Tyler Weldon – Tableau – Academic Programs Curriculum Development Manager

How to Start Your Own Internal Data Skills Education Program

Get everyone in your org using data to make better decisions. This session will fill you in on the programs Tableau is putting in place to help, and you’ll hear from Heather Gough from JPMC about how they made this happen across their organization.


Sue Kraemer – Tableau – Senior Data Skills Strategy Manager

Sam Priddy – Tableau – Sr. Data Skills Program Manager

Heather Gough – JPMorgan Chase – VP

See you in Las Vegas at #data22!

Thanks for reading.