Back in 2021, instead of running #IronQuest during the Iron Viz feeder contest, I decided to join forces with other leaders from across the community to establish an Iron Viz feedback initiative. Together, we worked with over 20 participants to provide feedback on their feeder entries, helping them to refine their vizzes and maximise their chances of scoring highly in the contest.

I’m excited to announce that the feedback initiative is running again this year!

Everything you need to know about the initiative is included in this post.

How do I sign up?

Feedback sessions can be booked through Calendly here.

We currently have sessions available from January 27th to February 6th.

Please note, sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of the chosen meeting time.

Who will be providing feedback?

I’ve assembled a team of 12 experts from across the Tableau Community to support this initiative, plus I’ll also be helping out!

I’m incredibly grateful for the support of these amazing team members! The team includes former Iron Viz finalists, Tableau Zen Master, Tableau Ambassadors, community project leaders, and much more!

To ensure maximum availability, we have team members located in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

How does it work?

Iron Viz participants can sign up for a 15-minute feedback session with one or more of the feedback team. Due to our busy schedules, you’ll be unable to select the team members you would like to meet with, in advance. Instead, upon booking a feedback session, you’ll automatically be allocated to meet with one or more of us, depending on who is covering the slot you have chosen.

When booking your session, you’ll be prompted to share a link to your viz on Tableau Public. It doesn’t matter what stage your viz is at, nor does it matter if the viz is hidden from public view. We’re happy to provide feedback regardless of where you’re at in the development process. Sharing the link in advance simply allows us to review your viz before the call and prepare our feedback.

During the call, we’ll ask you to walk us through your viz and explain what you are hoping to achieve with it. This will help us to understand your intentions and any relevant background information.

The feedback we share during the session will be centred around the Iron Viz scoring criteria of Design, Storytelling, and Analysis. We’ll aim to share some suggestions to help improve your overall design and approach. We can even offer technical Tableau help if you need it.

How long is each feedback session?

Each feedback session is 15 minutes long. However, you can book subsequent follow-up sessions if you would like to meet with us again and seek feedback on your updated viz.

Ummm….What is Iron Viz?

If you don’t know what Iron Viz is, find out everything you need to know here.

Good luck with your Iron Viz entry!

We look forward to seeing you at a feedback session soon!

Thanks for reading!