In August/ September 2021, I had the pleasure of collaborating on #IronQuest with Tableau Ambassadors and #TheSDGVizProject co-leaders Brian Moore and Jacqui Moore. Together, we hosted a ‘Travel & Vacations’ round where we encouraged participants to source their own data and tell stories about travel and vacations, whether that be dreaming of places they would like to visit or reminiscing about previous travel adventures.

We received a total of 23 submissions for this round and welcomed 10 first-time participants to the project! As always, it was fantastic to see the diverse range of topics covered and the creativity shown through the entries. This month we saw participants put together travel guides and trip planners, deep-dive into tourist attractions in selected cities or countries, and recap epic travel adventures abroad!

We were lucky enough to have two entries recognised as ‘Viz of the Day’ this month too! Congratulations to Agata and Simon on having your work featured by Tableau Public!

(click the images below to view the interactive vizzes on Tableau Public)

In this viz, Agata Ketterick explored the mountain hikes she has completed since 2014. Each hike is depicted with it’s own card with data attributes used to determine the colours and imagery used. I love the creativity that went into this viz and the inclusion of the map really helps to add context. Be sure to interact with the viz on Tableau Public! There’s much more information about each of the hikes hidden in the tooltips.

In this viz, Simon Rowe vizzed his 2004 road trip around the USA! This viz tracks 90 days worth of journeys and over 1,700 rows of data in incredible detail, including highlights at each stop, hotels used and a breakdown of the time spent in each state. I was thoroughly impressed with this viz and spent a long time interacting with it. I really appreciate the minimal (but consistent) use of colour, and the breakdown of the viz into sections to support storytelling.

You can read more about Simon’s approach to building this viz in a blog post here.


Brian, Jacqui and I provided feedback to everyone who requested it during our conversation which has since been posted on YouTube.

You can listen to our feedback here:

We reviewed the vizzes in alphabetical order (by authors first name) to make it easier for you to jump straight to the feedback for your viz. The video is also split into chapters to make it easier to jump to vizzes of interest.

In this video we cover vizzes by the following authors, reviewed in this order:

Dennis Kao
Jonny Phelps

Marc Reid
Michelle Frayman

Monika Piekarska
Naveen Mithare

Rebecca Gourley
Saba Gebreyohannes
Sergiu Rotaru

Simon Arira
Simon Rowe
Susan Wiggins
Takafumi Shukuya
Tina Covelli

All Submissions

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Brian and Jacqui for being fantastic co-hosts.

All of the entries are posted below (with the exception of those mentioned above) in alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted your viz or thought you submitted one via the Google Form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

David Pires – Japan Itinerary

Dennis Kao – The Thomas Guide

Frederic Ferry – Countries open to vaccinated American travelers

Jonny Phelps – Hostelworld Japan

Kate Brown – Beautiful Innis Mor

Kimly Scott – My Favourite Place

Marc Reid – Travel Planner & Emissions Calculator

Michelle Frayman – Michelle’s Excellent Adventures Abroad

Monika Piekarska – Museum Rush in Europe

Naveen Mithare – International Tourism

Nicole Klassen – The Map of my Life

Rebecca Gourley – Take a 2,650-mile journey on the PCT

Saba Gebreyohannes – My Travel & Vacations

Sergiu Rotaru – Exploring Romania – Google Travel Sights

Simon Arira – IronQuest: A Personal Journey

Susan Wiggins – United States National Parks in 2019

Takafumi Shukuya – How Long?

Tina Covelli – Fast Travel to 1899 (a Red Dead Redemption Travel Guide)

Wendy Shijia – My TMB Hiking in 2017

Yeo Jun Yan – Marina Bay Area – Visit Singapore

Yusuke Nakanishi – Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

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Thanks for reading.