In April/May 2021, I had the pleasure of collaborating on #IronQuest with the #DiversityinData project, led by Autumn Battani and Eve Thomas. Together, we hosted a ‘Diversity in Entertainment’ round where we encouraged participants to source their own data and tell stories to shine light on diversity in the entertainment industry. I’ve been watching this project in awe all year and I’m really proud of what Autumn and Eve have been able to achieve in such a short period of time.

We received a total of 19 submissions for this round and welcomed 8 first-time participants to the project this month! As always, it was fantastic to see the diverse range of topics covered and the creativity shown through the entries. This month we saw participants deep-dive into diversity (or lack of) on stage, screen, publishing and in the music industry as a whole. We also saw participants share vizzes in celebration of their favourite actors, singers, movie producers or even TV shows.

We were lucky enough to have four entries recognised as ‘Viz of the Day’ this month too! Congratulations to Ali, Autumn, Branden and Márton on having your work featured by Tableau Public!

(click the images below to view the interactive vizzes on Tableau Public)

In this viz, Ali Tehrani looked at the lack of racial diversity among winners of top awards at The Academy Awards (aka ‘The Oscars’):

In this viz, Autumn Battani paid homage to the beautiful, talented, and thoughtful Regina King. She collected data to look at all the content she’s been a part of throughout her career, complete with illustrations hand-drawn by Autumn herself!

In this viz, Branden Kornell celebrated the life and career of LGBTQ+ advocate, author, role model, singer, songwriter, actor, reality TV host, and producer; RuPaul!

In this viz, Márton Balla analysed data from the Billboard Hot 100 Chart to determine who have been the most successful women in the music since 2000:


Autumn, Eve and I provided feedback to everyone who requested it during our conversation which has since been posted on YouTube.

You may recall we made a slight change to our review process at the start of the year based on feedback from project participants. We now typically offer two types of feedback; general and Iron Viz style. The Iron Viz style feedback takes into account the Iron Viz scoring criteria areas (Design, Storytelling and Analysis) and focuses on what you might need to adjust or improve to strengthen your viz in an Iron Viz feeder competition.

You can listen to our feedback here:

We reviewed the vizzes in alphabetical order (by authors first name) to make it easier for you to jump straight to the feedback for your viz.

In this video we cover vizzes by the following authors:

Adeyomisola-Mitchelle Adegeye
Ali Tehrani
Branden Kornell
Dennis Kao
Dzifa Amexo
Mark Corbridge
Márton Balla
Mateusz Karmalski
Nehal Mishra
Nicole Klassen
Saverio Rocchetti
Shubhangi Dabral
Yanming Guo
Yash Doshi

All Submissions

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Autumn and Eve for being fantastic co-hosts.

All of the entries are posted below (with the exception of those mentioned above) in alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted your viz or thought you submitted one via the Google Form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Adeyomisola-Mitchelle Adegeye – Burna Boy’s ‘Monsters You Made’

Boglarka Bihari – Reggaeton – The Male-Dominated Puerto Rican Genre

Dennis Kao – Report Card: Asian American Representation in Television

Dzifa Amexo – The Verzuz Effect

Mark Corbridge – What Makes a Winner, Baby?

Mateusz Karmalski – Diversity in Children’s Books

Nehal Mishra – All Hail Halle Berry

Nicole Klassen – Women Composers in Western Music

Nicole Klassen – BIPOC Employees at NYC Theatres

Saverio Rocchetti – Spike Lee

Shubhangi Dabral – Is There Diversity In Beauty Pageant?

Will Sutton – The UK Music Industry’s Diversity Pay Gap

Yanming Guo – 49 Women Empowerment Songs

Yeo Jun Yan – Comic Book Character Debuts in 20th Century

#IronQuest took a break while the Iron Viz feeder competition was underway but we’ll be back with a new challenge soon!

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