For #IronQuest month five (September to October 2019) we collaborated with the #SportsVizSunday project leaders to bring you a sports-themed challenge. This was particularly exciting as it was the first collaboration of it’s kind for both projects. I have a huge amount of respect for the #SportsVizSunday leaders (Simon, James and Spencer) who have established a successful, consistent community project in a relatively short period of time. It was a privilege to collaborate with them.

We received a total of 33 entries this round; an #IronQuest record! Not only that but three of the submissions were recognised by Tableau Public as ‘Viz of The Day’! Well done everyone! It’s also great to see new people continuously getting involved with #IronQuest. This month we saw a number of #SportsVizSunday participants discover the project for the first time too. As usual, participants were creative with the theme and we witnessed a total of 13 unique sports featured across the entries received. The most popular sport was football (or soccer, depending on where you’re from), closely followed by American football and tennis. However, we also had vizzes covering less widely covered sports including ten pin bowling, badminton and even Ultimate Frisbee!

This month I teamed up with Simon Beaumont (co-leader of #SportsVizSunday) to provide feedback to those who requested it. We spent over an hour reviewing 20 vizzes in depth and had great fun discussing our thoughts on the submissions. You can listen to our feedback conversation here.


The Submissions

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Simon for being a fantastic co-host.

The entries are posted below in alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted your viz or thought you submitted one via the Google Form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Please click on the links provided to view the visualizations on Tableau Public (or similar). Show your support for the participants by favouriting the vizzes you like the most.


From left to right:

Ash Shih | NHL Attendance: 2000 – 2018 | The Avg, Top, Bottom, and Rise

Alex Powell | A history of Premier League broadcasting

All In |Towards gender balance in sport

Alex Varlamov | NBA 2017-18 Points Leaders


Slide 2


Daniel Ling |Top 20 England Goalscorers

Brian Moore |NFL Head to Head Stats

Baljinnyam Enkhtur | History of SuperBowl 1-52

Ashwin Govindaraj |World Records in Athletics


Slide 3

All four by Bo Plantinga

The Serve of a Champion
Naomi Osaka – 2018 US Open Tennis Final
Board The WTA Aircraft
Ajax Amsterdam – Football Anthems


Slide 4

Jeff Plattner |2019 Minnesota Twins

James Fox |An Unfair Disadvantage – Gender Inequality in Sport

Frederic Fery |Analysing 52 years of NFL Game Stats

Harry Cooney |Lionel Messi’s 50 League Goals Season


Slide 5


Kate Schaub |The Great Tennis GOAT Race

Julien Demeaux |UEFA Champions League draw analysis

Kate Brown |2019 Solheim Cup

Jian Wang | NFL – 100 Years Of Football


Slide 6


Kevin Flerlage | Belmo

Lulen Ibanez Banos |Nadal & Federer face to face

Kelvin Tang |The greatest rivalry in badminton history

Kate Schaub |University of Montana Football Opponent Series History


Slide 7


Maria Brock |Following Roger Federer

Michelle Frayman |Spirit of the game

Paul Thoms | The Almost Perfect Rookie Season

Neil Richards |Rugby World Cup 2019


Slide 8


Will Strouse |AFC North Bragging Rights

Riddhi Thakkar |That’s the way.. MAHI way!

Rodrigo Calloni |The Invincibles 

Simon Rowe |Tiger Woods – Career from 1994 – 2019

Swagat Jena |FC Barcelona


Iron Quest will be taking a short break until after Tableau Conference but there will be plenty going on in the meantime!

On 28th October I’ll be giving a talk on #IronQuest at #LondonTUG (click here for tickets). I’ll also be giving a talk at #data19 in Las Vegas, during which I’ll be running a vote to decide the next viz theme! Don’t miss it!

Follow the hashtag #IronQuest on Twitter and LinkedIn and check out the Iron Quest section on my blog for more info. Also, check out my new #IronQuest submissions tracker here.

Thanks for reading.