It’s week 10 of #DearData2019, the data postcard project I’m working on with Ann Jackson this year. I’m still catching up on my blog posts (sorry Ann – I’ll get there eventually) so this is another quick recap post. This week we tracked our interactions with each other!

We intentionally scheduled this topic during a week where we expected to interact with each other more. Some weeks I hardly speak to Ann at all and other weeks we’ll chat lots on Twitter or WhatsApp. This week we did the #IronQuest feedback call; a two-hour conversation on Zoom. Ann also used her #IronQuest Business Dashboards viz as the theme for #WorkoutWednesday this week. Then we had various interactions on social media and WhatsApp. Oh, and we exchanged postcards!

My Postcard

I felt like drawing something this week. I’m not sure why but I decided to draw mountains (badly I admit). Each mountain represents a form of interaction, whether that be tweets sent, tweets received, tweets which mentioned us both (sent by others) or other methods of communication. The size of the mountain represents the number of interactions of each form. I then used other design elements such as colour, doodles or shapes to identify further characteristics of our interactions. This part was heavily inspired by the original Dear Data project.

In terms of data collection I collected everything manually at the end of the week this week. I went back through Twitter and WhatsApp and counted our interactions. I used this as an opportunity to count the number of cat emojis Ann sent me as I thought she might appreciate this! Haha! I then added the one-off interactions such as our postcards and the Zoom call.

Ann’s Postcard

Ann went for a completely different approach this week. She focused her attention on our interactions over WhatsApp only and tracked the times that we talk to each other. I often forget Ann is many hours behind me (in terms of time zones) so I might message her in the morning (my time) and not get a response for hours (rightly so because Ann will be sleeping). I think Ann did a good job of showing this in her viz this week with the obscure times of some of our chats.

Don’t forget to read Ann’s summary of the week here.

Thanks for reading.