It’s week 6 of #DearData2019, the data postcard project I’m working on with Ann Jackson this year. This week we tracked physical contact with others.

After a terrible week of illness last week I was glad for things to return to normal this week! This was a busy week of work for me with overseas travel and various workshops and meetings. This left me with little time outside of work for socialising so all physical contact was limited to hugs & kisses with my husband or daughter and hand shakes with clients at work.

As tracking was more simple this week, I tracked everything manually using pen and paper.

My Postcard

Week 6 - Front - Sarah
Week 6 – Sarah’s Postcard (Front)
Week 6 - Sarah - Back
Week 6 – Sarah’s Postcard (Back)

After Ann’s impressive postcard for week 5 and my terrible attempt last week I knew I needed to do something more arty and visually-appealing this week. I knew I wanted to draw flowers but I wasn’t quite sure where to begin so I Googled “flower drawings” for inspiration. In doing so, I found lots of images like this one that heavily inspired my final design.

Flower Drawings
Design Inspiration – Flower Drawings

I opted to use three flower types; one for kisses, one for hugs and one for handshakes. Each flower is separate and each stem (in the case of my family) represents a different person. My husband and daughter are represented in different colours. In the case of handshakes, the colour represents gender and the flower stem is shorter since there were less handshakes overall.

Ann’s Postcard

Week 6 - Ann - Front
Week 6 –  Ann’s Postcard (Front)
Week 6 - Ann -Back
Week 6 – Ann’s Postcard (Back)

Wow! Ann really switched things up this week! I like the completely different approach that she took and the use of metallic pens gives her postcard a really unique look. I particularly like how she included her cats in the data this week and by the looks of it one of her cat gets more attention than her husband, Josh!  I mean, what’s not to love?!

Cat Hugs

Don’t forget to read Ann’s summary of the week here.

Week 6 - Sending
I actually remembered to take a postbox picture this week too!

Thanks for reading.