After a few weeks of more complex data sets I was slightly relieved to see a simpler data set released this week! The data this week was sourced from an article published by Business Insider which used two pie charts to compare employment share and net employment growth in G-7 countries since 2010:


Personally I don’t think a pie chart was the best way to display this data; there are too many categories to compare and a pie chart makes this difficult. Furthermore, the slices are sorted in alphabetical order. Since the United States stands out on both charts it would have been better to display the data in descending order to make a country-by-country comparison easier.

Like many others I chose a bar chart this week. I didn’t want to over-complicate things unnecessarily and I believe a bar chart displays the data more clearly.

I always enjoy exploring economic data as this is what I studied at University. I’m also a fan of The Economist (from my University days) and like their data visualisation style. You may notice I took some inspiration from them this week in the design of my viz this week.

Here’s my final dashboard:


There’s very little complexity in my viz. I resized the charts to make the bars shorter and wider. I also added a quick calculation to automatically colour the United States bar in red to make it stand out from the others (since the story is focused on the United States):


You can view my final viz on Tableau Public.