To kick off 2021, the #IronQuest theme was Passion Projects. For January, we asked participants to focus on something they are passionate about. It could have been a favourite sports team, musician, place to visit, hobby, author or even actor. The most important aspect of this topic was to make it your own and enjoy the process.

We received a total of 50 submissions for this round and welcomed 17 new participants to the project! It was fantastic to see the diverse range of ‘passions’ on display throughout the entries. Participants covered everything from sports, movies, books and music to quantified self and topical subjects such as homelessness and abortion rights.

We also saw an incredible 5 vizzes featured as Tableau’s “Viz of the Day” this month! Congratulations to Wendy, Jessica, Krzysztof, Kimly and Mark!

Film Festivals 2020 by Krzysztof Bieniek
Wineries of the Mornington Peninsula by Kimly Scott

I was privileged to join forces with my ‘data bestie’, Lorna Brown this month! Lorna is a Tableau and Alteryx Consultant with The Information Lab in the UK. Lorna is also a Tableau Public Ambassador and most recently a Tableau Zen Master. She started her journey using Tableau and Alteryx at the Information Lab’s Data School, where she had four months of intense training followed by 3 x 6 months placements in various industries. Once leaving the data school she went on to further her knowledge into different sectors and is now back with The Information Lab. Lorna co-leads the #WorkoutWednesday community project, as well as #TableauTipTuesday where she shares Tableau tips each week alongside Andy Kriebel


Due to the high volume of entries this month, Lorna and I were unable to cover all of the vizzes where feedback had been requested on our feedback call. In the essence of time, we prioritised feedback for 25 first time entrants or those who are new to Tableau.

We made a slight change to our review process this month, based on feedback from project participants. We now offer two types of feedback; general and Iron Viz style. The Iron Viz style feedback takes into account the Iron Viz scoring criteria areas (Design, Storytelling and Analysis) and focuses on what you might need to adjust or improve to strengthen your viz in an Iron Viz feeder competition. For example, your viz might score better (in a theoretical Iron Viz setting) by adding more analytical elements. Since #IronQuest is modelled on the Iron Viz feeder competition, we thought that an Iron Viz feedback option would be good for anyone looking to prepare for the annual Iron Viz competition.

You can listen to our feedback here:

We reviewed the vizzes in alphabetical order (by authors first name) to make it easier to jump straight to the feedback for your viz.

In this video we cover vizzes by the following authors:

Aashique S
Agata Ketterick
Amy Wu
Andrew Starr
Arti Rajput
Brittany Rosenau
Ellie Mason
Gorazd Surla
Ingrid Arreola
Jessica Uwoghiren
Josh Preston
Krzysztof Bieniek
Laura Elliot
Michelle Frayman
Patrick Sarsfield
Priyanka Dobhal
Ryan Hart
Samuel Epley
Simon Rowe
Takafumi Shukuya
Tim Beard
Torben Kraft
Wendy Shijia
Yoshihito Kimura
Young Song
Yuta Sakai

I’m in the process of gathering written feedback to those who requested it (for vizzes we didn’t cover on the call). If you requested feedback you should have received an email from me shortly. If you do not receive feedback in the next few days and would still like your viz to be reviewed, please let me know.

Viz Highlights

I am always surprised by the variety of entries we receive for each round. This month was extra special as it provided us with an opportunity to get to know each other better and find out more about peoples hobbies and interests.

Here are a few of my favourite entries. I’ve intentionally picked some visualisations that you may have otherwise missed.

Click on the viz images to view the originals on Tableau Public.

Gorazd Surla – The Battle of the Handball Pharaohs

In this viz, Gorazd explores data from the 27th Men’s Handball World Championship, hosted in Egypt in January 2021. Gorazd tells the story right from the competition draw phase, right through to the final game. Both Lorna and I were impressed with the way Gorazd approached this visualisation and despite knowing nothing about the tournament, we were able to interpret the viz with ease. Gorazd applied an inviting, consistent style that flows seamlessly throughout the viz and utilised attributes such as size, shape and colour to present a lot of data, effectively.

Hanna Nykowska – This is War – Abortion in Poland

In this viz spanning 10 dashboards, Hanna explores the topic of abortion in Poland. It’s worth noting that most of the data was translated into English by Hanna since the majority of resources on this topic are written in Polish. Hanna starts by setting the scene and providing background context on the topic. The viz then goes into much more detail on the history of Polish abortion law, the protests, how Polish abortion law compares to other countries, what you can do to help, plus much more. Throughout the viz, Hanna uses annotations, shading and text to help drive the narrative and tell a compelling story. The design is consistent throughout; each page follows a similar layout and the colours are limited to three only; red and two shades of grey. This is a fantastic piece of storytelling and I appreciate the amount of time this must have taken to produce.

I’ve included a few parts of Hanna’s viz below but it’s best enjoyed in full on Tableau Public here:

Ellie Mason – Carcassonne

In this quantified self viz, Ellie explores data she collected from playing the board game ‘Carcassonne’ with her boyfriend during 2020. Ellie took this opportunity to visualise their game data and explore their overall scores and how they compare against each other. This viz includes some interesting analysis and I really like the way Ellie incorporated elements from the game into her design.

Patrick Sarsfield – Shane MacGowan’s Music

In this viz, Patrick explores the musical attributes of Irish-English singer-songwriter, Shane MacGowan. This viz has lots of fun, interactive elements and a consistent design which features lots of cigarettes and alcohol!

All Submissions

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Lorna for being a fantastic co-host.

All of the entries are posted below in alphabetical order by first name (note: the placement of some vizzes have been adjusted slightly for ease of viewing).

If you tweeted your viz or thought you submitted one via the Google Form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Aashique S – Why This Kolaveri Di?

Adam Mico – My First Favorite Song

Agata Ketterick – Family Movie Night

Amy Wu – The Happiest Countries on Earth

Andrew Starr – The Man for Big Occasions

Arti Rajput – My Passion

Autumn Battani – My Ultimate Mixtape

Bo McCready – What We Do in the Shadows: Kills by Episode

Boglarka Bihari – Dance Engagement in the UK

Brigid Leaf – The Masked Singer UK 2021

Brittany Rosenau – 99% Waffles – 10 years of 99pi

Chris Love – Chris’s LEJOG

Dennis Kao – Arrested for Being Homeless in LA

Ellie Mason – Carcassonne

Gary Collins – Cycling Goals

Gorazd Surla – Battle of Handball Pharaohs

Hanna Nykowska – This is War – Abortion in Poland

Ingrid Arreola – Code Switch: Songs Giving Us Life

Jeff Plattner – Music and Memories

Jenny Martin – Pokémon Evolution Explorer

Jessica Uwoghiren – Bridgerton TV Series Twitter Analysis

Josh Preston – The Dark Tower

JR Copreros – The Enneagram in Pop Culture

Judit Bekker – Fire Walk with Me: Everything I Watched in 2020

Katelyn Schaub – The Colors of Disney

Kimly Scott – Wineries of the Mornington Peninsula

Krzysztof Bieniek – Film festivals (NH/AFF 2020)

Laura Elliot – Supernatural | The End of the Road

Lorna Brown – Maldives Tourism & Corona Virus

Mark Corbridge – How many baddies did Buffy’s buddies beat …and how many baddies bit back?

Mateusz Karmalski – Lego Technic

Michelle Frayman – Four Books on a Bookshelf

Natasha Stephenson – Studio Ghibli

Patrick Sarsfield – A Drink with Shane MacGowan

Priyanka Dobhal – Hollywood Movie Calendar – 2021

Ryan Hart – Out for a Run

Samuel Epley – My Wife’s Reading Log

Samuel Parsons – Valuation – Rugby Union Playing Positions

Simon Rowe – Premier League Football Stats

Takafumi Shukuya – My 100 Vizzes

Tim Beard – Making Waves with Fourier Series

Tim Beard – That’s the Harm?

Torben Kraft – How to Use Data in Amateur Football

Wendy Shijia – Spirit in Motion: 60 years of the Paralympic Games

Will Sutton – Halo, The Legacy Match Collection

Yeo Jun Yan – My First Data Science Project Visualised

Yoshihito Kimura – Battle of Sekigahara

Young Song – Agricultural Microbiology

Yuta Sakai – Histoy of Sheena Ringo and Incidents Tokyo

The next round of #IronQuest is already well underway! For the month of February we’re teaming up with the #Viz2Educate project to visualise History. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 28th. Find out more here.

To stay up to date with all things #IronQuest, follow the hashtag #IronQuest on Twitter and LinkedIn and check out the Iron Quest section on my blog for more info.

Thanks for reading.