For the September to October 2020 period, the #IronQuest theme was Mobile First visualisations. Mobile-compatibility is a frequently overlooked area for Tableau Public visualisations (in my opinion at least). Despite so many of us consuming Tableau visualisations on our mobile devices, all too often do I come across vizzes which aren’t mobile-friendly. These vizzes might look great when viewed on a laptop but the mobile experience is a completely different one. It’s no surprise either. It’s so easy to publish a viz in Tableau without even beginning to consider the mobile experience, let alone creating a mobile-friendly layout. I was hopeful that this topic would give us an excuse to practice our mobile-design skills and encourage participants to consider the mobile experience when designing in Tableau in the future.

We received a total of 48 submissions for this round making it the third-most popular round in #IronQuest history! What’s more, 61% of entrants were first-time #IronQuest participants.

I was privileged to join forces with Zach Bowders this month too! Zach is a Tableau Public Ambassador and is known for his quirky Tableau Public vizzes. Zach recently joined JLL as a Business Intelligence Specialist, prior to which he spent the last 12 years at ALSAC St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where he served as an IT developer, Business Analyst, and Data Analyst in his career. He received his MBA, Marketing, and ITS degrees from the University of Memphis. In his spare time, he co-leads the Memphis Tableau User Group and hosts his very own podcast, Data+Love. It was so much fun to team up with Zach this month. Thank you, Zach for your help and contributions to the project!


Due to the high volume of entries this month, Zach and I were unable to cover all of the vizzes where feedback had been requested on our feedback call. In the essence of time we prioritised feedback for first time entrants or those who have been using Tableau for only a short period of time.

You can listen to our feedback here:

Zach and I had so much fun recording this. Given the theme, we reviewed all of the vizzes on our phones so we could evaluate the mobile experience fairly. We both own completely different makes of phones so interestingly, our experience did differ with some vizzes.

We reviewed the vizzes in alphabetical order (by authors first name) to make it easier to jump straight to the feedback for your viz.

In this video we cover vizzes by the following authors:

Abisola Oni
Aloysius Ong
Daniel Sedin
Fi Gordon
Jason Scharf
Kavita Arora
Komal Singh
Pallav Shah
Prasann Prem
Pratik Chaudhary
Prithak Kumar Bhattacharyya
Rajavel Selvaraj Ganesan
Sana Firdaus
Sneha Naik
Vignesh Suresh
Zainab Ayodimeji

Zach and I also gathered some written feedback to those who requested it (for vizzes we didn’t cover in the call). If you requested feedback you should have received an email from me. If you have not received feedback and would still like your viz to be reviewed, please let me know.

Viz Highlights

I am always surprised in the diversity of entries we receive for each round. Since the theme this month was feature-focused, the entries covered a wide range of subject matter. It was great to see how people approach the mobile-design challenge this month. Some people opted to go mobile-first and create an experience specifically designed for mobile, while others created a mobile-friendly version of a new or existing viz.

I think we all learnt a lot about the design considerations that come with mobile visualisations. I will be sharing some of my own observations and tips in a seperate post soon. I also shared some tips at the beginning of the feedback video. I hope you find them useful.

Here are a few of my favourite entries. Click on the viz images to view the originals on Tableau Public, preferably on a mobile device.

First up, we have the Seasonal Movie Guide by Autumn Battani. This viz has an app-like feel and an easy to navigate, portrait interface. The viz has a logical flow and I appreciate the big buttons which help to prevent fat finger mistakes!

The viz design is simple but it’s brought to life with the colourful background where Autumn showcases her impressive design skills. It’s so easy to use I can honestly imagine people revisiting this viz when they are looking for some Netflix inspiration this autumn/winter.

One viz that really caught my eye was ‘Klay Thompson is the second-best shooter in NBA history’ by Daniel Sedin. Firstly, this viz has a lovely, inviting design with a consistent layout and subtle, textured background. Throughout the viz Daniel applied colour carefully, using the yellow of Thompson’s basketball jersey as a highlight colour to draw attention to Thompson’s placement in a series of charts. The best thing about this viz thought is the shot chart and the transition between shot placement and breakdown. I was surprised at how well this works on mobile too.

I love to see vizzes that have practical use cases; especially mobile vizzes that could be used when on-the-go. For that reason I really appreciate this U.S. National Parks viz by Lisa Rapp. This viz allows the user to explore the National Parks and find one based on their interests or location. It’s also easy to navigate to another section once one has been selected too.

I know very little about K-POP boyband ‘BTS’ but I learnt a lot about them in this viz entitled ‘The BTS Effect‘ by Jasmine Lim. This viz analyses BTS’s influences on social media, the music industry and on South Korea’s economy.

The viz is easy to navigate and I particularly like the way it is broken down into sections. It features a contents page at the beginning allowing the viewer to either skip to a section that takes their fancy or work through each section in order. At any point they can return to the home page by clicking the Home button on each screen.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to this viz by Zainab Ayodimeji entitled ‘Woman: A lifetime of gender inequality‘. This viz follows the life of women and the gender inequalities they may face at every stage of their lives. Unlike any of the other submissions for this round, this viz includes a side navigation panel which I really appreciated. This enables the viewer to navigate between sections easily, without having to click through multiple screens.

Zainab has packed so much into this viz! Despite that, it’s easy to consume on a mobile device and the overall design and styling is impressive and inviting.

The Submissions

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Zach for being a fantastic co-host.

All of the entries are posted below in alphabetical order by first name (note: the placement of some vizzes have been adjusted slightly for ease of viewing). Please note some of the entries spanned multiple pages and I didn’t have space to include screenshots of every page. For that reason, I have included two pages from each viz only (unless the viz was a single-page view, in which case it will show as such.

If you tweeted your viz or thought you submitted one via the Google Form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Please click on the links provided to view the visualizations on Tableau Public (please use a mobile device for the best experience). Show your support for the participants by favouriting the vizzes you like the most.

The next round of Iron Quest is about to begin! I gathered a few suggestions from Twitter and shared them in a Twitter poll. The winning theme was ‘Black & White’; design a viz using only black, white or greyscale colours! Look out for the official launch blog post coming soon.

Follow the hashtag #IronQuest on Twitter and LinkedIn and check out the Iron Quest section on my blog for more info.

Thanks for reading.