The last #IronQuest challenge concluded in June which feels like such a long time ago! The project has been on hold whilst the Iron Viz feeders were underway. However, with the final feeder of the year due to wrap up in a few days, it’s time to get #IronQuest up and running again. Hopefully you had the opportunity to participate in one of the Iron Viz feeders this year but even if you didn’t, there’s no better time than the present to start practicing and improving your data visualisation skills.

This month, #IronQuest will operate slightly differently as I won’t be running a Twitter poll to help select a topic. Instead, I’m excited to announce I’ll be joining forces with the  amazing #SportsVizSunday team to run a Sports Viz Sunday & Iron Quest collaboration!

Where can I find some data?

As you’ve probably guessed, this months’ theme is sports data! As a starting point, the #SportsVizSunday team and their guest hosts from the community have kindly provided and showcased two data sets;

  1. Various NFL datasets including (but not limited to) game stats, team history and  Superbowl history to celebrate the start of the new season, guest hosted by Brian Moore | Get the Data
  2. A Women’s Golf Solheim Cup dataset, guest hosted by Kate Brown. The Solheim Cup will be taking place in Gleneagles, Scotland from 9th to 15th September | Get the Data

However, that’s not all. This month we’re broadening the theme and will accept submissions covering ANY sports or sports-related dataset!

If the showcased datasets above don’t appeal to you, the #SportsVizSunday team have an ever-expanding collection of sports datasets available on their website here but you are welcome to visualise any sports dataset that you wish.

What is Sports Viz Sunday?

Never heard of #SportsVizSunday? Don’t worry!

Sports Viz Sunday is an initiative to encourage the creation and sharing of sports themed visualizations, run by James Smith, Simon Beaumont (both UK) & Spencer Baucke (US).

Sports Viz Sunday provides a platform for those interested in sports to come together and explore the world of sports data & visualization. The team do this by hosting a monthly challenge based on a topical sports theme, regularly sharing updates from the sports visualization world & providing rich datasets across a wide range of sports.

Try searching the #SportsVizSunday hashtag on Tableau Public or Twitter for some inspiration.

How can I enter #IronQuest?

The process is simple:

  1. Source your data and build a viz that somehow touches upon the chosen theme for the month. Remember the Iron Viz judging criteria and try to focus on all three in your work; Design, Storytelling and Analysis.
  2. Upload your viz to Tableau Public or somewhere where it can be openly viewed online.
  3. Fill in the submissions tracker (at the bottom of this post) so we can keep track of who is participating. This step is essential if you want feedback from us or would like to be credited in the wrap-up blog post or participation viz (coming soon).
  4. If you opted in for feedback in step 3, the guest judge and myself will provide constructive feedback on your viz after the submission period closes.

Top Tips

  • You can use any data set which fits the theme (as long as you have permission to share it publicly).
  • Always remember to credit your data source/s on your viz.
  • Refrain from using any images or logos on your viz unless you have permission to do so.
  • Think outside the box! Be creative and have fun!

Who is my guest judge?

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaming up with Zen Master and #SportsVizSunday co-leader Simon Beaumont this month!

Simon is a co-leader of the UK Healthcare TUG and is famous for his outstanding sports vizzes on Tableau Public.  Simon works as a Global B.I. Centre of Excellence Director at JLL in London.

When is the submission deadline?

The deadline for submissions is midnight PST on Sunday 6th October 2019. Feedback will be provided (to those who request it) by Simon and I in mid-October.

Continue the conversation and connect with other participants by joining the Iron Quest Slack channel here. Also, be sure to follow the #IronQuest hashtag on Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your entry!

Don’t forget to submit your entry using the form below.