At the beginning of the year I launched #IronQuest, a community-led data visualization project which follows a similar format to the Tableau Iron Viz feeder competitions.

You can read more about #IronQuest here.

Sea Creatures

For #IronQuest month four (May to June 2019) the chosen theme was sea creatures. A total of 19 people entered the challenge this month and yet again we saw a diverse pool of entries from enthusiasts across the world, 46% of which were female and 50% of which had never entered an Iron Viz competition before. It’s great to see new people continuously getting involved with #IronQuest and #IronViz and I hope this trend continues. As usual, the participants were creative with the theme and we saw many different sea creatures featured. Popular creatures were sea turtles, dolphins, whales and coral. However, there were also vizzes featuring fishing, plastic pollution, qawax and even mythical creatures! There was also a strong call-to-action on many of the vizzes which was great to see.

This month I teamed up with Mark Bradbourne to provide feedback to those who requested it. We spent nearly two hours reviewing the vizzes in depth and had great fun discussing our thoughts on the submissions. You can listen to our feedback conversation here.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Mark for being a fantastic co-host.

The entries are posted below in reverse-alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted your viz or thought you submitted one via the Google form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Please click on the images to view the visualizations on Tableau Public (or similar).

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Young S.

For Better or For Worse



Vinodh K

The Great Barrier Reefs


Vinodh - The Coral Reef

Swati D.



Swati - Sharks

Sarah B. and Kevin F.

Bean The Green Sea Turtle

Sarah Twitter  | Kevin Twitter

Bean the Sea Turtle

Regis O.

Qawax on the Rocks


Regis - Qawax on the Rocks


Michael S.

A Brief History of the Creature of the Black Lagoon

Twitter | Blog Post

Michael - Sea Creature History Dashboard


Meera L.



Meera - Penguins

Marc R.

Coral Reefs of Indonesia

Twitter  |  Blog Post

Mark - Coral Reefs of Indonesia

Kelvin T.

Chinese White Dolphin of Hong Kong


Kelvin - White Dolphin

Katelyn S.

Sea Turtles in Curacao


Katelyn - Curacao Sea Turtles - v3

Jayshree D

The Right Wale Tale


Jayshree - The Right Whale Tale

Eve T.

The Plastic Problem


Eve - Plastic

Christopher M.

Scotland’s Fishing Waters


Christopher - Scotland

Charles S.

West Coast Sardine Crisis


Charles - Sardines

Boglarka B.

Sea Turtles in Florida

Boglarka - Turtles

Ash S.

Baby Shark


Ash - Baby Shark

Allan W.

Queensland Fishing 2018


Allan - Queensland Fishing 2018


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The next #IronQuest theme hasn’t been decided yet and due to the upcoming global Iron Viz feeders I won’t be running another #IronQuest for a few months. The next challenge will begin on 9th September and will run until midnight PST on 6th October 2019. More details to be announced soon!

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