What are the main reasons for success?

That was the question we were exploring for this weeks’ #MakeoverMonday. Everyone has a different perception of the factors that have attributed to their or others ‘success’. This perception is also likely to differ between social groups.

The original visualisation was shared by Infografika and can be viewed here. This visualisation used a radar chart to compare how different social groups rated the factors attributing to success.

The Secret of Success Original

What do I like about the original visualisation?

  • The choice of chart. I think a radar chart works well for what this visualisation is hoping to achieve.
  • Despite the colour choice it is relatively easy to determine which reasons scored highly among each social group.
  • The icons next to each reason. I am a huge fan of simple icons. Although these may not be best practice or add any true value to the visualisation I personally see them as a welcome addition.

What do I dislike about the original visualisation?

  • The colours! There is nothing wrong with the chosen colours in isolation. However, they do not mix well together and make the visualisation more difficult to read than it needs to be.
  • The rounded edges. These make the shape for each social group slightly blob-like and weird.
  • The ordering. Personally I would have shown the reasons scoring highly nearer the top of the chart.

I initially attempted to recreate the radar chart. I wanted to create three radar charts to display side-by-side to compare perceptions of the reasons for success by social group. However, I couldn’t get the (complicated) trigonometry to work so I decided to go with something simpler 🙂

Lollipop charts with the rating on size seemed like the most obvious choice. These would allow me to display the social groups side-by-side and allow for an easy ‘at a glance view’ of the most important reason for success by group. I later decided to add rating to colour also to make those reasons that were rated highly stand out even more. I kept the labelling minimal as I didn’t think it was necessary to label each lollipop since I was using colour to show rating also.

Interestingly there are stark differences in the perception of reasons for success between social group. Middle class perceptions mirror those of the poor more closely than the rich. However, reasons such as good qualifications and education score relatively high amongst all classes. Surprisingly the poor scored cunning and cheating as the second most important reason for success while this is one of the least important reasons noted by the rich.

Here is my final viz (or view on Tableau Public here):

The Secret of Success MM 2017 Wk13

Thanks for reading.

Notes: Wolf of Wall Street image used courtesy of Career Addict