At the beginning of the year I launched #IronQuest, a community-led data visualization project which follows a similar format to the Tableau Iron Viz feeder competitions.

You can read more about #IronQuest here.

Business Dashboards

For month two (February 2019) the chosen theme was business dashboards. I must admit I was initially quite surprised to see this theme win the popular vote. Many of us who use Tableau in our jobs spend all day building or interacting with business-style dashboards. It’s not uncommon for people to want to focus on vizzing more informal data sets outside of work so it’s no wonder that many of the more popular vizzes on Tableau Public are those with a creative-edge that cover a multitude of topics such as sports, music or even quantified-self. While these vizzes are often visually appealing they would rarely be an obvious choice for a business setting. That doesn’t mean to say business dashboards are or should be boring, but a radial bar chart might not be the best chart choice if you’re visualising financial data at work, for example.

I suspect the business dashboard theme was popular because people like to seek inspiration from the community. While this could be inspiration to try new chart types or visual techniques it is also a great place to get inspiration for work projects. Speaking from personal experience, I get excited when I see a business dashboard ‘in the wild’ that I can apply in a business setting of my own. Imagine my excitement when ‘The Big Book of Dashboards’ was launched. This is a book literally FULL of real-world dashboard examples!

Thankfully, the ‘underwhelming’ business dashboard ideology didn’t put people off (phew)! In fact, 35 people entered the challenge this month, up from 27 in January. Better still, over 50% of people who took part this month have never entered an Iron Viz competition before either. It’s great to see so many new people getting involved this month and I hope this trend continues and carries through to Iron Viz too. As usual, the participants were creative with the theme. We saw various different takes on the classic Superstore Sales data set as well as dashboards covering fictional companies, real-life companies, quantified-self, higher education and healthcare. Topics aside we also saw a wide variety of chart types and techniques applied in the submissions; including but not limited to sparklines, hex maps, BAN’s, lollipop charts and bar charts.

As promised, Ann Jackson will be joining me to provide feedback to those who requested it. Look out for an email from me soon if you requested feedback.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for taking the time to create and share your work! Also, a big thank you to Ann for being a fantastic co-host.

The entries are posted below in reverse-alphabetical order by first name. If you tweeted you viz or thought you submitted one via the Google form but don’t see it here, let me know and I’ll work to include any additional entries ASAP.

Please click on the images to view the visualizations on Tableau Public (or similar). Show your support for the participants by favouriting the vizzes you like the most.

Young S.

The Great Barrier Reef Temperature Monitor


Young - ironquest_GBR_temperature_monitor

Young S – The Great Barrier Reef Temperature Monitor

Virginia (Ginny) M.

University KPI Dashboard

Blog | Twitter

Ginny - University KPI Dashboard
Virginia M – University KPI Dashboard

Swagat K.J.

Human Resources Dashboard


Swagat - HR Dashboard
Swagat K.J – Human Resources Dashboard

Spencer B.

NFL Combine


Spencer - NFL Combine
Spencer B – NFL Combine

Snehasish S.

Sales & Profitability Analysis Dashboard

Snehasish - Sales & Profitability Dashboard
Snehasish S – Sales & Profitability Dashboard

Shaistha A.K.

Executive Sales Dashboard


Shaistha - Executive Sales Dashboard
Shaistha A.K – Executive Sales Dashboard

Saujanya E.

Data Center Operations Dashboard


Saujanyae - Data Center Operations

Saujanya E – Data Center Operations Dashboard

Ruandi V.Z.

Sales Report


Ruandi Sales Report
Ruandi – 2005 Sales Report

Riddhi T.

Coffee Chain Sales Dashboard


Riddhi - Coffee Chain Sales
Riddhi T – Coffee Chain Sales Dashboard

Regis O.

Superstore Customer Profit Ratio Profiler



Regis O – Superstore Customer Profit Ratio Profiler

Ravi M.

Monthly Report


Ravi - Monthly Report - Superstore
Ravi M – Monthly Report

Priyanka D.

Video Games Sales Dashboard


Priyanka - Video Game Sales Insights
Priyanka D – Video Games Sales Dashboard

Ojoswi B.

Superstore Customer Profiling

Ojoswi - SuperStore Metrics
Ojoswi B – Superstore Metrics

Naveen B.

Human Resources – Headcount Overview


Naveen - Human Resources HeadCount OverView - #IronQuest
Naveen B – Human Resources – Headcount Overview

Michelle F.

Sales Person of the Month


Michelle - SPoftheMonth
Michelle F – Sales Person of the Month

Meera L.

Customer Complaints


Meera - Customer Complaints Dashboard
Meera L – Customer Complaints

Mahadevan K.

Business Dashboard


Mahadevan - Business Dashboard - Iron Quest - Feb 2019
Mahadevan K – Business Dashboard

Lali J.

Tax Collection Performance of the Bureau of Internal Revenue


Lali - Tax Collection
Lali J – Tax Collection Performance

Klaus S.

DAIMLER Annual Report 2018: Dropping margins and a shift towards R&D


Klaus - Daimer Annual Report
Klaus S – DAIMLER Annual Report 2018

Kevin F.

BBC Dollar Club – Year in Review

Twitter | Blog

Kev - Dollar Club Dashboard
Kevin F – BBC Dollar Club – Year in Review

Katelyn S.

Emergency Room Status


Katelyn - ER Status Dashboard
Katelyn S – Emergency Room Status

Karan G.

Bilingual Vizume

Karan - Bilingual Vizume
Karan G – Bilingual Vizume

Kaliraj S.

Nestle Water Sales Review

Kaliraj - Nestle Water Sales Review
Kaliraj S – Nestle Water Sales Review

Jeff P.

#PlanToGrow Tracker 2019

Twitter |Blog

Jeff - #PlanToGrow Tracker
Jeff P – #PlanToGrow Tracker 2019

Jayshree D.

Sales Overview by Product


Jayshree - Sales Overview
Jayshree D – Sales Overview Dashboard

Daniel L.

Superstore Dashboard


Daniel - Superstore Dashboard
Daniel L – Superstore Dashboard

Daniel C.

Important Dashboard


Daniel - Important Dashboard
Daniel C – Important Dashboard

Chris D.

UK Companies House Inventory


Chris - UK Companies House Inventory
Chris D – UK Companies House Inventory

Charles S.

Net Promoter Score Summary

Charles NPS
Charles S – Net Promoter Score Summary

Basavaraj G.

Recruitment Dashboard


Basavaraj - Recruiting Dashboard
Basavaraj G – Recruitment Dashboard

Aquinov (Akky) M.

Business Performance


Akky - Reach
Aquinov M – Business Performance

Anna D.

Waiting Times for Public Healthcare in Poland (in Polish)


Anna - Waiting Times
Anna D – Waiting Times for Public Healthcare in Poland (in Polish)

Ann J.

How Has Our Profit Ratio Changed Nationally?


Ann - How has Profit Ratio Changed_
Ann J – How Has Our Profit Ratio Changed Nationally?

Alex J.

Alex Jones – Curriculum Vitae


Alex Jones – Vizume

Aisharyya A.

Sales Executive Dashboard


Aisharyya - Category-wise Sales
Aisharyya A – Sales Executive Dashboard


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